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Nebraska Inmate Records

Nebraska inmate records contain all personal and official information pertaining to inmates detained in facilities across the state. These facilities include locally managed jails and detention centers as well as state-run prisons, penal institutions, and state penitentiaries. The data contained in these records include the names, birth dates, gender and nationality of the inmates as well as information regarding their criminal histories, their most current charges and ongoing sentences, bond conditions and relevant court information. As per state laws, all or some of this information may be made available to interested persons upon request.

Nebraska State Prison System

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services operates all state correctional institutions and facilities within its jurisdiction. This includes all state-operated prison facilities and excludes city and county jails and detention centers. County and city jails serve as holding facilities for their respective jurisdictions and are managed by local law enforcement agencies that disseminate inmate records of their own facilities.

At the state level, however, the department of correctional services establishes the operational guidelines of its facilities and maintains inmate records and related data. While some of these guidelines are adopted by locally managed facilities, the state department mainly disseminates records of inmates in state-operated institutions with only a few exceptions. In total, the NDCS oversees the operations of 10 facilities, which house over 4,000 inmates

How do I Locate Inmates in Nebraska State Jails?

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services website allows interested members of the public to track inmate and housing facility locations and using their Inmate Locator Tool and Facility Index. Using the tool, inmates may be searched by first or last name or designated DOC number for information regarding their housing location.

In addition to finding inmate locations, the tool also provides details of the inmate’s personal data, sentence type, parole eligibility and dates, projected release date and related information.

If an inmate cannot be tracked using the tool, the Public Records Unit may be contacted as an alternative. Queries may be made to the mail or email of the unit at:

Public Disclosure Unit
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
P.O. Box 94661
Lincoln, NE 68509

How do I Visit Inmates In Nebraska Prisons and Jails?

The visitation guidelines of most Nebraska state correctional institutions vary with each facility, because of the inmates detained, the housing location, facility capacity and a variety of other factors. Thus, intending visitors are advised to review the visitation policy of the specific facility before proceeding with any visit. Nonetheless, the NSCS established some visitation procedures which serve as a great jump-off point for most facilities in its jurisdiction.

As per state laws, only persons who are included on an inmate's visitation list may be allowed to see an inmate. The list comprises of persons who, by a background check. have met the eligibility requirements of the department. To be included, the visitor must download and legibly fill a visitation application which must be submitted to:

Pass Clerk
Nebraska State Penitentiary
P.O. Box 22500
Lincoln, NE 68542

Subsequent to processing the application, approved visitors will be provided with a visitor pass which should be used to enter the facility along with the visitor’s government-issued photo ID.

Visitors are generally subject to routine checks before accessing the facility, and all non-adult visitors must present a valid form of identification along with being escorted by an approved adult visitor. For further information regarding the process, interested persons may contact the corrections staff or the facility where the inmate is being held.

Contacting Incarcerated Persons In Nebraska

Nebraska state inmates may be contacted through channels provided by the holding facility. To obtain information on inmate correspondence, interested members of the public are advised to contact the state facilities individually. In many cases, the inmate may be allowed to make outgoing phone calls as well as send and receive mail.

Inmate phones often require that the provided phones are prepaid. Payments may be made to the institution’s designated vendor via debit or credit card. Additionally, all persons who are contacted by inmates often need to be included in the inmate’s approved list. This may require an official application.

On the other hand, most facilities have strict rules regarding incoming mail. Inmates are generally disallowed from receiving items such as care packages, foods, and items other than photographs of specific sizes. All mail that does not meet the compliance requirements of the department may be returned to the sender or confiscated. Outgoing mail must include the names and ID of the receiving inmate and a return address for the center.

How do I Send Money to an Inmate in Nebraska?

Nebraska state inmates may be sent funds for in-jail purchases in the commissary and the canteen.

All inmate account payments are made using JPay which also allows family and friends of the inmate to send electronic photographs, emails, and E-cards.

To send money via JPay interested persons may establish an account on the vendor’s webpage or call (800) 574-5729. To obtain information regarding the recipient inmate, the user may conduct a search on the BOP Inmate Locator. All deposits require the inmate’s BOP register number as well as his/her first and last name.

To use the vendor’s email service, interested persons may log in to their JPay account, purchase a stamp online and send the message. This will also require the personal information of the recipient. Photographs, as well as a 30-second video, can be attached to each mail, all at affordable rates. What's more? emails are received within 48 hours, and the e-stamps are even more affordable than traditional stamps.

Locations of Nebraska State Correctional Facilities

Listed below are the addresses and contact information of all state-operated correctional institutions in the U.S. state of Nebraska:

Community Corrections Center - Lincoln
2720 W Van Dorn St
Lincoln, NE 68522
Phone: (402) 471-0740

Community Corrections Center - Omaha
2320 Avenue J
Omaha, NE 68110
Phone: (402) 595-2010

Diagnostic & Evaluation Center
3220 West Van Dorn Street
Lincoln, NE 68522-9284
Phone: (402) 471-3330

Lincoln Correctional Center
3216 West Van Dorn St.
Lincoln, NE 68522
Phone: (402) 471-2861

Nebraska Correctional Center For Women
1107 Recharge Rd.
York, NE 68467-8003
Phone: 402-362.-317

Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility
2610 N 20th St E
Omaha, NE 68110
Phone: 402.595.2000

Nebraska State Penitentiary
4201 S 14th St
Lincoln, NE 68502
Phone: (402) 471-3161

Omaha Correctional Center
2323 Avenue J
Omaha, Ne 68110-0099
Phone: (402) 595-3963

Tecumseh State Correctional Institution
2725 Hwy 50
Tecumseh, NE 68450
Phone: (402) 335-5998

Work Ethic Camp
2309 N. Hwy 83
Mccook, Ne 69001
Phone: (308) 345-8405

How to Find Information on Inmates in Nebraska Jails and Prisons

All information pertaining to inmates in Nebraska state prisons are typically managed by individual facilities. However, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services also maintains and disseminates personal and official information regarding state prisoners. This information may be obtained by querying corrections staff or accessing any of the department’s online resources.

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services website features relevant information regarding finding inmate and facility locations as well as inmate welfare and commissary, visitation, and correspondence. Any information unavailable on the website or by contacting department staff may be obtained by querying the specific facility where the inmate is being housed.

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Criminal Record

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